Another Child – Lost

Last night I dreamt that Jody (David’s sister) had another child, a second girl and the youngest of three.

In my dream, Jody had received a call that Maygen had been left at home with the younger child and that something may have happened. She took off home (walking). I followed but diverted up a side street where some boys were fighting with each other.

After talking with the boys and they resolved their quarrel. I left them to continue playing soccer in the street and went to find Jody.

I found her and ran past her to go inside the house. Maygen was there sitting on the lounge, I continued through the house and went into the laundry where a small child was in the tub, under the water.

The child was clearly dead, I lifted her from the water, checked for breathing and noticed that her tounge was swollen and contorted in her mouth.

Not liking what I was seeing, I chose to wake.

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  1. Are you sure it’s not yours? Especially after her harassing you in the car?
    Of course for anyone reading this I’m only kidding…

    There was no harassment, and Jamie’s “Out of the Box” too – lol

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