A night of Pasta

First Pasta

For David’s birthday, as mentioned here previously, David wanted the pasta roller / cutter set for his KitchenAid. Friday was the day he decided to give it a go.

With a little help from his family David threw together a fantastic meal of spinich and ricotta cannelloni, meat cannelloni and gnocchi. Because of the amount of food it wasn’t necessary to have anything else with it so full pasta meal was enjoyed by all.

Thanks David it was delicious.

Check out more photos of the pasta over at Flickr.


  1. Pasta with zucchini & saffron:

    Put a tablespoon of olive oil into a pan. Chopped some onion (quantity: as you like) into the oil and cookit until the onion turns golden-brown. Meanwhile cut a couple of zucchini: don’t use any tool but cut them with a knife because the circles should be 0,5 cm thick. Put them into the pan and let them cook on a small flame. Add small quantities of water or chicken stock or vegetable stock during the process, you don’t want to roast the zucchini.
    When zucchini take are ready turn down the flame, put a teaspoon of saffron into a cup of cream, mix well and pour this yellow, thick cream over the zucchini. Mix again.
    Take pasta out of the water, add the sauce, mix and serve.

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