Popping Out all Over

And yet few are surprised.

Guess what! Darren Hayes is gay…  I know, I know I was shocked too… not.

Guess what! Lance Bass (from N*Sync) yep you guessed it gay…

They join George Michael, Elton John, Stephen Gately and Mark Feehily as guys everyone knew  as gay, so no surprises all round… sure there are others.
Come out, come out where ever you are. Now I’m not saying that coming out should be at the top of the agenda for celebs. In fact I’d love for it to be a non-event, it should be a non-event, what the tabloids should be reporting (as trash mags often do) is who they are dating this week.

Some of them say they don’t want to be role models, but they are, whether they want to be or not. They take the fame, they take the money, they must then accept the role.
I don’t want to see press releases, I just want to hear you thanking your partners in your acceptance speeches, I want to see them on your arm at events and I want to see you happy and not hiding part of who you are.

The idea that “that’s their personal lives” is insane… no one ever is that separated from work and home, think about it, you talk about what happens in your life with the people at work. For these guys the whole world is their workplace.

Yes I know I’m rabling and I apologise, I just don’t like the idea that someone somewhere is wasting this life (especially in their youth), you only get the one and it’s yours to do with as you please. I just want the world to be happy, and for that I feel everyone in it needs to be happy and honest within themselves.

Blessed be.