Working at 10pm

Anyway… I’m about to walking into my basketball game when my phone rings, it’s my boss, she wants me to take down part of a site because of legal troubles and some expose in the Age newspaper.

Sure, right after I finish playing bball and blog about this!

Music Rants

Madonna’s Note to Australian Fans

Madonna’s Note to Australian Fans Madonna’s Note to Australian Fans Madonna’s Note to Australian Fans Madonna’s Note to Australian Fans Madonna’s Note to Australian FanpoPosted: 13 July 2006

To my fans in Australia

Please forgive me. I really did hope and expect to come to Australia during the Confessions Tour and asked my managers to try to include some shows there. I have fond memories from previous tours. Unfortunately, the logistics just didn’t work out this time around. We looked into going from Japan to Australia and ending the show there but I have to get my kids back into school in England and they are, as you can understand, my most important priority. The important thing to remember is that I’m not retiring anytime soon and I am gonna get to Australia as soon as I can. You remain in my heart and Thank you for your continued love & support.

Madonna (from

Lady, like, WHATEVER, get the kids a tutor for the road… if it wasn’t for your fans you wouldn’t even have those two kids (all right we weren’t directly involved in creating them). Without us, they would be two (or six) very different kids, without the luxury of going to school in England, they’d be schlepping it to some inner-city American school that’s fighting to stay open cause it can’t afford books or reading programs.

I’m sure there’ll be a DVD. Oh and on that Madge if you get a chance, buy back the rights to “The Blonde Ambition Tour” what’s the deal with MTV owning it. It is probably your best concert ever and my Betamax taped version just doesn’t cut it anymore.


Brokeback Point Cook

Brokeback MountainWho knew… our local video store has around 30 copies of Brokeback Mountain in stock… not one was available… not one.

Who’s hiring all these copies, is it just wives drawn by the idea of having a movie with both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal strutting around. Even the idea of seeing them both semi-naked.

Is it that the wives are fine with the idea of two guys getting it on in a movie role? Which would be a nice turn of events, afterall we “the gays” have had to watch guys and girls simulating the action on the big screen for a long time now.

Mysterious SkinOn another note, just finished watching Mysterious Skin confronting and disturbing at times it was a good film all-round. There’s not a lot more to say about it other than watch it… and watch it all even if it gives you that funny irky feeling… see it through.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Brady Corbet did an amazing job. The last scene when they talk about the past is one of the most touching moments I have ever seen in a movie.