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The Descent

Jeff Long's the DescentThe book by Jeff Long -> Not the movie which seems to borrow parts of the book but not give Jeff any credit.

The book has been on my shelf for around three years, unread. I didn’t buy it, back when I was working for Murdoch Magazines it was sent to Live This (a short-lived, long-dead magazine) to be reviewed. I think all the reviewers do is read the press release that comes with them and writes from that…

Quite a book, and I’m only part way through and all the talk about Hadels and the sub-planet world is amazing. To think that another world exists below our own. Where the people, now savages, were once a thriving populations, older than man. Once creators of beauty, now destroyers.

I’ve not read any other books by Jeff Long but can easily see this as a commentary on modern man. Of course that couls just be what I am taking from it. To Jeff Long it may just be a well researched scary book.

The movie takes the idea of a sub-terranian race hell-bent on the destruction of intruders… I’m talking out of turn though, I’ve not yet seen the movie but believe it’s going straight to DVD. So I’ll catch it soon.

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Fabulous at 40

We went to a fantastic party last night… a nice get together.

Seeing Sammy J so happy, vibrant and full of life was amazing. To know that just a year has past since Sam left employment with my current company and that she is now filled with so much joy is encouraging for me.

When she worked with us Sam was bright and a pleasure to be around. Towards the end of her time it was obvious she wasn’t enjoying it.

Seeing her last night… makes me want to throw it in and try my hand at something, somewhere I will enjoy better.

I say I stick around for the people (some of them) and it’s certainly not the challenge of the job, but those people are now friends and while it is a pleasure to go to work and see them daily… I could just as easily spend my time away from work with them.

And if I could be half as happy as Sam is… I’d be just fine.