1st Blog on Windows Mobile

David’s mum & dad arrived yesterday from Sydney.

They have opted to use the inflatable matress in our computer room.
In doing so we have no access to our computers until they wake.

@6:25 in the morning I’m already thinking it might not have been such a good idea.

So probably for the next week my blogging will be done on the little Ipaq 4700. Its browser is only showing me an input box 3 characters wide. Makes it somewhat hard to review what I have written so please forgive any big errors. Note to WordPress… we could do with a mobile interface.

Today we are off to the Melbourne Zoo. One of my favouri te places & somewhere David’s mum wanted to go.

Oh and for those who wanted to know, the sale is still on in Nth Fitzroy. David took his parents there yesterday.


  1. As one of those who wanted to know…
    Where in North Fitzroy?

    Enjoy the Zoo, I love the place although it’s been about 9 years since I was there…

    I have a spare laptop I may be able to loan you to get you through until you have pc access again… It’s wireless… Interested?

  2. David tells me it is on Brunswick Street (not Road).

    I’ll be able to get to my computer occasionally so it’s all good re the laptop, but thanks heaps for the offer.

    Zoo was awesome, I love it there… may become a friend of the Zoo and spend weekends there.

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