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Check out Roberta’s Blog for a cool quick story of a fearsome house cat. Every now and then Roberta changes the titles at the top of her page, the current one on her main page reads “It’s your life, I’m just passing through”.


New Adventures in Wonderland

Mad HatterAlice wants out of Wonderland, it seems she’s been at the Mad Hatters party far too long and the Mad Hatter is just getting mader.

“More tea, more tea” he calls, so she delivers.

“That’s nice tea, but I want it different – add lemon, no spice. Add lemon and spice.” He bellows.

Alice throws the tea pot to the wall, it shatters, but she doesn’t leave… Alice wants to be there when the Mad Hatter grows parched, wants him to see what his madness has wrought.

Oh and just to clarify, this metaphor has nothing to do with my relationship… only realised after re-reading how much one way of saying something can elude to something else.


More Gore, No Eye Candy

Blade the SeriesThey’ve gone and done it, made a TV Series out of Blade the comic book and movie. In the first five minutes the screen is painted with blood gushing from the neck of a vampire. Very different to the firey death they faced in the movies.

I’ve not read to comic book (sorry, sorry graphic novel) and wouldn’t know how they die in those pages but the gore and brutality seems a little full-on for TV. While I loved the Blade movies (especially the last one, who’d pass up a movie with Ryan Reynolds?) I may give the TV show a miss.

The plot line seems a little thin and there’s not even any real eye candy to keep one entertained, so really, what’s the point.

After watching more of the episode it appears that the blood was just for the intro, the firey death returns… and the vampires have a vaccine so garlic and silver don’t matter so much to them… poor Blade.

One of the girl vampires appears to be an aussie, and her name is “Chase” (Jessica Gower) that makes two aussies on US tv called Chase (counting Jesse Spencer of House).