This is not war… this is pest control

Never have the Daleks had a better sense of humour. And now we have 170+ days to wait for the next Dr Who.

It’s amazing how you watch the show and have everything running through your head, like oh the blond guy could become the new companion he can give up his place so Rose can go back to the other world and become the Drs next best thing (please say yes)… but alas no.

I’ll not say too much about the ep (until later today) but to say that it was AWESOME and I’m kind of sad that it ended the way it did (or that it ended at all for that matter).

Bring on Christmas and the Runaway Bride… will she be the new companion or will she just be a quick fix.

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A Day in Yarra Valley

SIX AM… I had to write it like that cause I can’t do 6 as capital letters and didn’t want to downplay the way I felt on Friday night when David told me I had to wake up so early Saturday to go to Yarra Valley with Friends and Family.

Yoiks! 6am! The plan was Domaine Chandon (and Green Point Wines) for some tasting and to pick up some favourites then De Bortoli for lunch. Craig and Mark were coming, along with Sharon (David’s mum), Peter (David’s dad) and Jody (David’s sister).

We did the family thing, three kids in the back seat parents in the front and just for a little fun the three of us in the back (now all 30+) decided to act like kids. A lot of “Are we there yet?”, “Mum, Jody’s on my side of the seat.” and “Mum, Jody’s touching me”… let’s just say that last one lead to a whole lot of in appropriate comments, some even from Sharon. It was an event filled ride.