Which Star Trek Character are You?

Wesley Crusher, Mr SpockApparently I’m 75% Spock, and here I was always wishing I was Wesley Crusher. I know what you’re thinking, who does these lame-ass quizes and usually that is my response exactly, but you see… it’s about Star Trek, which means I had to.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since before I can remember. You know how sometimes there is a defining moment when you can say, “I became a fan of that because..” or “I became a fan of that show when…” For Star Trek no such thing exists for me. It has just always been there in my life. And that is something I don’t really understand.

My mum is a big reader (and I mean big Mum’s read pretty much any book she has walked by). And she likes Sci-Fi, but I don’t really remember watching a lot as a kid. I think most of that influence came from my Uncle Michael, the guy who also introduced me to horror at a young age.

When I was old enough to know, I caught a glimps into the mind of Gene Roddenberry, an amazing man. As I told Simon at work the other day, there are two people this world is worse off without… for me anyway… Gene Roddenberry and Douglas Adams. Two amazing, but very different guys. But I digress.

Star Trek… A vision of the future where the world still exists, isn’t being over run by aliens (well maybe in a couple of episodes) and where everyone is accepted for who they are. Far from the world we have today. I think that is what draws me to the show.

My favourite flavour of Star Trek is Voyager. As I’ve said earlier I’m a big fan of strong women and Janeway is an awesome captain, probably the best (close tie with Picard maybe).

So I present this link to Star Trek fans, and apologises to all others who couldn’t give a rat’s about such things…

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  1. Janeway rocks, and I love her to bits, but it’s Picard I’d shag!
    Props to the older sexy man with the accent!

  2. ROFL, Jean-Luc does have that something, like a Sean Connery thing going on. Old guy with accent = appealing to all.

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