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DSC00205.jpgWho was it, c’mon you know who you are… who showed David where to get the Beta for Windows Vista. You’re done for buddy!

We now have a Windows Vista Machine in our lounge room operating as our Media Centre. Sure it looks fantastic, it took just 67 seconds for it to stop responding. And when you Ctrl+Alt+Delete to force quit the application, Windows asks do you want to:

  1. Let windows try and figure out what is wrong
  2. Restart the application

There needs to be a “3. Just get rid of the crappy app, I’m done with it”, in the end we chose 2. And it took around 20 seconds to restart the application just so we could quit it.

And you may have heard (if you’re interested in the Windows world) that Vista has a lot of erksome features, the big one being the fact that you have to authorise the computer to do ANYTHING. Everywhere a little sheild appears on a button or next to a command, the computer is going to check with you that you are the one who actually requested it to do whatever it is that the button does.

And Oh My God, you’d think they’d finally made it so you can change screen font sizes without a restart, but no… they have not :-(

On the up side, it looks FANTASTIC, compared to the current version of Windows Media Center Edition we have running, the display is crystal clear on our Samsung rear-projection TV. The interface is cute, not so different that you’d get lost, though they have chnaged the names on some of the menu items.

All up not a bad attempt, still a Beta and I think we’ll be installing drivers for a while to get it all going. Oh for Mac simplicity, all I had to do to set up my G5 Tower was stick the disc in and let it go.


  1. I know who it was! Pick me! Pick me!
    I’ll even “whack him” for free… I’ve always fancied myself the strong, silent, assassin type.

  2. Ahhh but now I have to say thank you… it was fiddling with Vista that got David looking at the Guide listing again… he’s found a new XML thingo that works very well.

    So in a round about way it was good that it happened as it did. Give him a hug instead of a whack.

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