Two Afternoon Movies

Yesterday, much like today, I was incredibly tired… not sure why, but I decided to spend the afternoon in front of the TV watching a couple of movies.

Chosen movies were “Date Movie” and “Tristian and Isolde

Date Movie was pretty much crap… not a good one especially given the same people involved with Scary Movie created it. They tried to fit way too much into the movie… too many parodies so it basically became a bunch of skits (not very good ones) loosely joined together.

Of course Date Movie does include Australia’s own Sophie Monk in the role of “Andy” the best [wo]man. Her part is much bigger than I expected it to be. As far as any chance of her becoming a big time actress, I think she looks (and sounds) a little too much like Melissa George (Home & Away, Amitiville Horror).

Tristian and Isolde was a surprise. I thought it would be crap, but it was actually quite entertaining, endearing… I felt somewhat moved. Just enough action to balance out the love fest that it was.

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