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I like to believe that Radio advertising doesn’t work… yesterday I was proven wrong.

I have never before responded to an ad I heard on commercial radio, but yesterday while on our way to High Point shopping centre to get David some new shoes an ad came on that changed that.

Advertising Skateand Surf brand sale, a warehouse was open to offload stock.

Well David has a tendency towards Globe shoes so we thought, lets go take a look.

We didn’t quite catch all of the ad, we knew it was in Nth Fitzroy and thought maybe on Brunswick Street, so the search was on… we drove right place the place the first time and were almost ready to give up when we turned around and saw it.

$300 later and we were done shopping… for ALL that money we got

  1. Four pairs of shoes (two each, usually retailling for about $120 each)
  2. Three pairs of jeans
  3. Three long-sleeved t-shirts
  4. A jacket
  5. A backpack
  6. Belt
  7. Three pairs of socks

All up quite a haul.

I was actually quite surprised they had shoes in my size (15, or 16 depending on the make) when I go into a store and attempt to buy Globes we are always told they don’t stock them that big.


  1. Oh it’s not like the thought wasn’t there, morning actually started as a “quick trip” to Bunnings to get some Weed and Feed for the lawn (got some nastly prickly things all over the back yard). And only when we were in the car did David mention his shoes.

    Given that it was going to be a quick trip neither took our phones… cause we honestly did think about calling… you guys, David’s sister, my sister. It was a pretty good sale. On another note, I’m sure it will still be on this coming weekend… we may even head back their ourselves.

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