Spin-off Blog Coming

Well as the dreams are returning it makes sense for the Council to get their own blog… stay tuned.

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  1. Council? Spin off? Own blog?

    Ploise explain, and keep me posted.

    Remember I’m intrigued, and you know we have certain shared views on things that our partners have no grasp on.
    Amusing given mine believes in the group delusion that their guide used a wooden staff to part the oceans. Hah!
    *dodges thunderbolt*

  2. Too many question marks… more in my head… you’ll see what I mean… the new blog will look basically the same as this one, but Red. I think if the dreams come the same as they did last time, I’ll need more room and readers with free thinking minds… basically I want to split them so anyone who thinks I’m crazy can just read the sane posts and avoid the dreams altogether.

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