Black Fingernails, Red Wine

Eskimo Joe - Red Wine and Black FingernailsI really like Eskimo Joe, their album “A Song is a City” was and the first single from the new album has prompted me to buy the album from iTMS.

A good listen, if you liked A Song is a City, you’ll equally like “Black Fingernails, Red Wine”.

There is a somewhat dark side to this album, accentuated by the cover art’s somewhat eerie paintings of the band members. [Digital Booklet part of the full album purchase]

I was a little concerned by the title “Forever Young” thankfully it’s not THAT song.

All up a good album, one I’m happy to own. Not a big departure from their old album, and I have to say I’m not one of those that thinks a band/singer has to reinvent themselves with every album, just do again what you did well last time and you get to keep your fans.

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