On the Move… AGAIN ;)

(Cross-posted both here and on my former blog at Blogger)

Yes I know hard to believe, but this will be the last time for a long while I promise.

WordPress is the new blog of choice, Thanks Craig for making me have a look around.

I originally went with Blogger because it is free and because I could use its interface to post to my own server.

Well Craig, who is about to move to the Americas is looking to start a new blog. When he asked for a recommendation I, naturally, went with what I know.

Then his partner Mark, pointed out that you can’t categorize your posts with Blogger, but you can with WordPress and WordPress is also FREE. I went to today and signed up for an account and posted my first blog.

Then Craig asked about… I had to take a look. At first I thought it was a downloadable application that you install on your computer as an interface into, but not so. is a download of the original php files used to create WordPress, and you are free to use it on your own server, posting to your own server… And after half a day of playing with it… I can say it is GREAT. Perfect for what I want to do, much easier to use than Blogger AND yes you can categorize your posts.

So for now check it out at I’ll be moving all of the posts I’ve done here (and any others I can find in old blogs), because another feature of WordPress is that you can manipulate the post time, so I can put stuff in from way back when if I want and it will appear in the correct order. YAY.

Oh and I downloaded the theme that is on it now… it’s not that pretty, but I’m working on my own (probably a you read this).

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Woohoo! Congratulations to us on our team work in assessing, selecting and becoming positive advocates for WordPress.

*drops to the floor, faces east and prays fervently to the WordPress gods*

James, you’ve inspired me, and in doing so I believe released a monster – YAY for the monster!

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