On the Move… AGAIN ;)

(Cross-posted both here and on my former blog at Blogger)

Yes I know hard to believe, but this will be the last time for a long while I promise.

WordPress is the new blog of choice, Thanks Craig for making me have a look around.

I originally went with Blogger because it is free and because I could use its interface to post to my own server.

Well Craig, who is about to move to the Americas is looking to start a new blog. When he asked for a recommendation I, naturally, went with what I know.

Then his partner Mark, pointed out that you can’t categorize your posts with Blogger, but you can with WordPress and WordPress is also FREE. I went to WordPress.com today and signed up for an account and posted my first blog.

Then Craig asked about wordpress.org… I had to take a look. At first I thought it was a downloadable application that you install on your computer as an interface into wordpress.com, but not so.

WordPress.org is a download of the original php files used to create WordPress, and you are free to use it on your own server, posting to your own server… And after half a day of playing with it… I can say it is GREAT. Perfect for what I want to do, much easier to use than Blogger AND yes you can categorize your posts.

So for now check it out at http://www.tyroga.com/blog/ I’ll be moving all of the posts I’ve done here (and any others I can find in old blogs), because another feature of WordPress is that you can manipulate the post time, so I can put stuff in from way back when if I want and it will appear in the correct order. YAY.

Oh and I downloaded the theme that is on it now… it’s not that pretty, but I’m working on my own (probably a you read this).

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  1. Woohoo! Congratulations to us on our team work in assessing, selecting and becoming positive advocates for WordPress.

    *drops to the floor, faces east and prays fervently to the WordPress gods*

    James, you’ve inspired me, and in doing so I believe released a monster – YAY for the monster!

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