Nobody’s Watching…

Nobody's Watching

In one of those cases when you’re jumping all over the Internet and not quite sure how you found something, I found this… Nobody’s Watching, a new show from the WB… and one that will probably never make it to our shores.

Now I’m not certain that this show is actually out there and in production, but on YouTube the pilot episode is currently available in three parts. Check out part one and the links from there to the other two.

The basic plot line is let’s make a show, about making a sit-com, and let it appear kind of like a blend between reality TV and a real scripted show. Add a couple of relatively cute guys, a hot chick and another hot chick dressed up to be not so hot, but with potential to let her hair down in later episodes.

The show has some funny moments, and if you have a spare half-hour it makes for a good diversion.

This is definately a like it or hate it show. On the plus side the appearance of Tom Bosley (Howard Cunningham – Happy Days) and Alan Thicke (Dr. Seaver – Growing Pains) add to the show and of course allude to the possibility of many, many appearances of past sit-com stars. They “ask for” and get the set for the Central Perk from Friends, complete with Gunther so you never know, maybe they’ll walk on that set one day and the whole cast will be there.

I couldn’t find anything about it on the Internet Movie Database but check it out: Nobody’s Watching on YouTube.

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  1. Ooooo sounds like there’s some downloading to be done!
    I’m gunna have to look this up.

    You’re so lucky to have a boss that lets you blog and watch telly in the office ;)

    Btw… for some quick cross promotion to my blog…

    THE HOT GARDENERS ARE HERE!!!! *happy dance*

  2. Hey we all have to have our eye-candy… mine just happens to be slightly geeking looking american guys!

    Besides I sit in the only area in the whole company that is not monitored by security cameras. Oh and I am very hard working so I need the occasional downtime…

    Note to self, must remember to change timestamp on posts made at work so as not to self-incriminate as a bludger.

  3. Just incase, establish story that blog is hosted on international server, therefore times are actually not taking into account difference and actually do not occur during equivalent Australian business hours ;)

    Either way, I believe you!

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