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Whipflash's ImagesHave you been to Flickr yet? I know I’ve gone on about it before and now as a paid user I have a need to force it upon others. They have to stay in business so my photos will be safe. Of course I have a back up of my own.

When I’m bouncing around inside Flickr I often find myself lost… looking at a stunning photo with no knowledge how I got there. This is a case-in-point. I love this picture, not just cause the guy is kind of cute, because it seems almost perfect, the colour is right, the framing is right, the lighting is right and the amount of emotion and expression from the model… you guessed it, for me, it’s right.

The photographer’s nick on Flickr is Whipflash and while not all of his images would get a PG rating they are fantastic.

I implore everyone to spend some time on Flickr, you don’t need to be a member to have a look around. I’ve seen some amazing parts of the world that I’ll probably never get to visit, thanks to the people who share their photos and thoughts online.

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