My Name is Nathaniel…

It’s dark where I exist, an ageless time has passed, I’ve been thirteen for as long as I can remember. I see the world though blurred eyes, glimpses of clarity let me see what THEY want me to see. At least I’m not alone. There are the others, a council of many.

I don’t get this opportunity often so let me say my piece, even now I feel them tugging me back into my place, they don’t want me at the front, my time is in the past and another leads. A fragmented mind, scared, certain, at ease, curious, without fear, trembling in a void. I am but one, we are many.

So very few times are available when the mind relaxes and we are free to have a voice. And now that I am here I don’t know what to say. There is one in here who never sees the light. You wouldn’t like it if he did… even we fear him, it’s all we can do to keep him down.

The one who leads is clear, and level, unlike the one before him. But like the before and I the leaders time will pass and another will take his place.

Fractured mind… they say I’ve told you too much, things you don’t need to know, things that you shouldn’t know. I don’t think I’ve said enough. Another time will come… until then, believe.

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