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Strange I know that some guy in Australia would be blogging about a US TV show that has never appeared (nor shows any signs of appearing) on Australian TV, but here’s what happened. The other day I was listening to Buzz Out Loud and they mentioned that going to disabled the browser’s back button. Turns out they were not correct (and they admitted it the next day), instead all calls the the music subdirectory are bounced to On the PC when attempting to go back it included the bounce page in the history so they were really going back to the bounce page and being bounced again.

So anyway… on the iTunes page on was a promo for Kyle XY… it’s not like me to pass up a chance to see a nice looking guy and it was advertised as a free download from iTMS… well turns out of course that it is only available on the US store, not having a US billing address (maybe the boys can help me with this soon) I had to turn to BT for assistance.

After a short time I had the file for Kyle XY on my desktop for viewing.

Like all current US sci-fi type shows (think Surface, Invasion) they have started off very crypticly. Keeping Kyle’s origin well hidden. Of course the XY could imply he is a clone. But given that a background news report (which is for our benefit as none of the family reacts to it) states that a girl has shown up in similar circumstances (naked, without memory and without bellybutton). If we assume her name would be something XX then we can assume the XY in Kyle XY just means he’s male.
Is he a genetically formed, alien bred? Are THEY together the new Adam and Eve? One thing is sure, the boy knows how to stipple.

I think the actor who plays Kyle (Matt Dallas) watched a whole lotta Data from Star Trek TNG, but he’s not an android they’ve already scanned his head.

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  1. More than happy to assist, as long as you help us out with aussie ones if I lose access. God damn global zoning.
    When will ITMS and everyone else realise we want access to everything?
    The show sounds ace. This being a Trophy Husband thing is going to be cool, although I’d best invest in a treadmill and park it in front of the telly or I’m gunna need a crane to leave the house.

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