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Alrighty now, I can see that I am posting a lot lately about music… and it is important for you to know that music is very important to me. Rarely without it, it would be the one thing I would miss if stuck on a desert island.

Teddy Geiger - Underage ThinkingSo here’s another one for you. Teddy Geiger and his “Underage Thinking”. I saw the boards for him in the Virgin store in Parhan. And as shallow as it is, the look of the cover is what attracted me to the music. A bold two colour cover, very clean looking.

I confess I haven’t actually purchased this album yet, though I have heard most of the songs in entirety and am just a click away from purchasing from iTMS.

I’m ready to say he has his own style and IS an individual musician, however, listening to his music you will hear similarities (or influences perhaps) from the likes of Gavin DeGraw and others I can hear in there but can’t pin down at the moment.

An exceptional artist, according to his bio Teddy has been writing music since the age of eight. And now at 17 has a fantastic ability to present himself in song.

Since iTMS has come around, I haven’t bought a single CD in physical form. As far as the Digital Booklet being an “exclusive” on iTMS, it should be a standard! It is the one thing that keeps people buying the physical discs.

So anyway, Teddy Geiger can be seen and heard over at his website…

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  1. Hey now, are you trying to get me into trouble :P

    If I’m alone on a desert island, I’m assuming that there was a tragic accident in which everyone persished… of course what I don’t know is that on the other side of the island, David is sitting thinking how I must have died and that he is all alone on a desert island, missing his KitchenAid.

  2. teddy is one guy to listen to. he definitely reminds me of gavin degraw (whom i love) and damien rice. his cd is fantastic. seems that we have a few things in common with music. :)

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