Holy Crap Batman

Want chills to run up your spine… check it out, from Towleroad.

Warning, the woman from the “Church” is a nut job, listening to her may do your head in. And if your a person who is about to move to this lovely country, remember, they’re not ALL like this.

I’ve known for a while that these people were protesting at downed soldiers funerals, but never really looked into why. Now I know… and I am saddened that we can’t all just live and let live. Does this woman have nothing more to do in her life than spread hate and intollerance?

Sorry if this disturbs you in any way.

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  1. OMG that woman is insane. Why do the religious zealouts nearly always incite so much rage, hate, terror and violence.
    I don’t consider myself religious but I’m sure that any god would not be so vengeful as to support their actions.

    I respect the news anchor though, way to go.

    Chilling and unfortunately all too common.

  2. I finally went back and read all the comments on Towleroad and note that Fox apparently remained quiet when the same group were protesting at the burial of AIDS victims. Regardless if the dead person was gay or not.

    I don’t mind if they’re God Hates Gays, you have to believe in their God to care. I do agree with you though if there is a God in any form, S/He would not / could not support their cause, after all didn’t s/he create us all?

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