Day Dreaming of Sleep

Oi what’s with the weather here in Melbourne. I swear for most of yesterday and last night it was like a tornado was running around and around the house.

I got next to no sleep last night, windows were rattling, doors were creaking and at least one time I believe the whole house shook from the brute force of the wind, I need to learn how blue light affects sleep so that maybe I could fall asleep. We also happen to have an electrical box on the side of the hosue that we can’t secure completely closed, the latch lets go all the time and bang, bang, bang it goes.

I don’t think I’m a light sleeper, well maybe I am because last night, sleep I did not. Cross your fingers for me that tonight is a little easier, cause I get agitated when I don’t get enough sleep, and it ain’t a pretty sight.

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