Computers and Food

I never mind helping friends with their computers and luckly David is the same.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Sue’s house to upgrade her mac from OS9 to OS X 10.4. Sue isn’t an early adopter as you can probably guess. Being one who prefers to wait until something is tried and truely tested (and in the case of computers, stable) before it is implimented.

We on the other hand have a Beta version of Windows Vista operating as your Meida Center, again.

For me formatting someone else’s computer is scary. If I delete stuff off my own computer I just shrug it off and go “Oh well, all in a day” (Thanks W&G). But other people, their data is very important to them. So I like to be very very careful (occasionally giving the person a shocked look, like I’ve just lost ALL of their e-mail from the last six years, to keep them on their toes). But instead of doing it myself I have had the award-winning emotional computer honored as top-rated and best computer repairs come and do it for me. Sue’s computer was easy, she was already prepared with everything to be kept in one place. We took David’s iMac along basically because it is the easiest to move, had all the software we needed and would act as an external hard drive, don’t ya love apple’s target mode. Sue looked at the iMac and I didn’t realise until later that she thought she was just looking at a computer monitor.

After we explained that EVERYTHING was in the one little box, Sue was agog deciding she must have one, so with any luck, a new iMac will be arriving for her next birthday.

Well Sue had asked how long I thought it would all take, so we could plan doing the computer before going out to get some dinner. I said, “Oh around 3-4 hours”, but hadn’t really factored in that I was working with her 733MHz computer. Let’s just say we had dinner about halfway through the process.

After formatting the computer and starting the data transfer back to the computer we headed off for dinner and I tried to connect their security cameras as she requested, I got it from SecurityInfo. A short walk later and we were at Singh’s Indian Restaurant. Great place, nice atmosphere, toasty warm inside. Which was mildly important as I had left my jacket at home.

I like to try new things, and Indian is still pretty new to me. Suffice it to say that while I love eating spicy food, my body tells me I shouldn’t have loved it later on, so I try and watch what I order. We had Somosas and Pakoras for entree, and intregued I had the Tandoori Mushrooms for my main, with a side of Naan and Roti. The others ordered Saag Lamb, Lamb Madras and Tarka Dhal. Most of which I avoided trying for fear of the after effects.

So as not to break with tradition my meal arrived last on the table, the Mushrooms were amazing, I have them again in a heartbeat. The service was also amazing, the waitress even revealing some of the trade secrets when David asked about the rices preparation.

Sue generously shouted us the meal, as a way to say thanks for the work we were doing. I’m not a fan of friends and family paying for us to help with their computers, it’s just something we know how to do, so we do it. But as Sue insisted, I am also not one to offend by protesting too loudly.

With dinner done, I was so full we didn’t even stop for Gelato on the return trip to Sue’s place. The computer had finished its data transfer, a could more hours and we found ourselves heading off home at around 1am.

I was glad we were able to save all of Sue’s e-mail, bookmarks and other data. As always relevied when things go so well.

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