Bright Copper Kettles – Well Pots Actually

So anyway (is the only way I can start this post)… we have these Scanpan pots, they are copper, real nice looking. David takes very good care of them.

Last night David got his bonus from work… after paying off some stuff that has been lagging around we went off to the local hardware store Bunnings. There, we bought a bench grinder, a stand for said grinder and all the polishing product you can find. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

Now as I said he takes very good care of these pots and pans. He can spend hours a time polishing them with brasso and a rag. But now with the grinder (as a polisher) they shine better than the day they were bought and in less time.
So while I ragged on him for buying the appliance, just for his pots, I now see that he was right, they come up real nice.

David’s 30th birthday is approaching… so far all he has asked for is a baking dish to add to his collection of copper pots and pans and also a Pasta Maker attachment for the KitchenAid Mixer.

I think maybe he should have trained as a chef…

As a side note (well a below note) The scanpan site in the US looks like crap. and takes you to their danish site. For the price of a whole set of their pans they could pay someone to make their US site a little more appealing.


  1. David is a great cook, and the pans were lovely pre-polish.
    I’ve an idea for a 30th birthday present for him

    Rumour has it that he’d love one of those lovely new Copper Kitchenmaid Mixers…
    Very nice, tres chic, and if you REALLY loved him, I’m sure you’d get him one *giggle*

    As for Bunnings, I endorse EVERYTHING where Bunnings is related, I’ll miss it so…

  2. ROFL… He’s so not getting a copper KitchenAid, if only because I could see a lot of personal injury as he tries to use the bench grinder to buff it up…

    Re Bunnings I was mortified when he said he wanted to go their… I was like, “We’re gay-gays not lesbian gays what would we want with a hardware store”.

    And no, I am not trying to stereotype Lesbians, nor do I wish to disparage “Bunnings” but referring to it as a mere “Hardware Store”. It’s just not a place we would generally go… by choice.

  3. Then I must be a ‘lesbian-gay’ and I’m out and proud!
    Mark hates it when I go to Bunnings, and has actually tried to ban me in the past as I’ll walk up and down every aisle doing the Homer style drool, with appropriate noise.
    It doesn’t hurt that there’s usually a gaggle of tradies to stalk either – lol

    Initially I was going to be sad about moving as my power tools won’t work on the US voltage system, until I realised – I can buy NEW ONES! YAY!

    Oh, my big PS for this comment… and you can’t hate me…. LOL

  4. I was like the nasty child last night at Bunnings… I was pushing buttons, playing with powertools, problem turns out is that in that section of the Hoppers Crossing Bunnings everything that is portable seemed to have power.

    I\’m pretty sure I got an odd look from the checkout dude when I picked up the nail gun…

    They even had a battery-powered (base station charged) sanding tool… now I dunno, but I guess that sheds of today are starting to look a lot like kitchens, with all the appliances pluged-in charging up and ready for use at the drop of a hat.

    And with sheds basically becoming kitchens, I guess the emergence of the metro-sexual was inevitable!

    Oh and with THAT link you included… at least the matching blender is copper too. The regular coloured ones are bloody plastic… not metal like the mixers, they look too cheap in plastic (and they ain\’t that cheap).

  5. Oops, sorry, I’d have replied much sooner…
    But I actually WAS at Bunnings – lol

    Had to be done, Mark was ‘padlock shopping’ for just the right unbreakable, multi-function padlock for our storage shed. I figure the brighter and shinier the lock, the more attention it’ll attract and cause people to think “hmmmm must be good stuff in there, lets skip the padlock and just tear the whole door down”. Mark and I don’t think alike though, not that comes as a surprise to anyone.
    45 minutes later we left, incidentally without a padlock, but I did manage to purchase a bag of joinery dowels, 2 drill bits, and some wood glue.

    Did I mention I love Bunnings? hehe

    Shed-kitchen? No thanks I’ll keep mine separate, that way I can fit in more tools.

    LOL @ your touch-fest… Poor counter man and nail gun, he’s probably in therapy. Or soiled his tool belt.

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