Kyle XY – ABC TV

Strange I know that some guy in Australia would be blogging about a US TV show that has never appeared (nor shows any signs of appearing) on Australian TV, but here’s what happened. The other day I was listening to Buzz Out Loud and they mentioned that going to disabled the browser’s back button. Turns out they were not correct (and they admitted it the next day), instead all calls the the music subdirectory are bounced to On the PC when attempting to go back it included the bounce page in the history so they were really going back to the bounce page and being bounced again.

So anyway… on the iTunes page on was a promo for Kyle XY… it’s not like me to pass up a chance to see a nice looking guy and it was advertised as a free download from iTMS… well turns out of course that it is only available on the US store, not having a US billing address (maybe the boys can help me with this soon) I had to turn to BT for assistance.

After a short time I had the file for Kyle XY on my desktop for viewing.

Like all current US sci-fi type shows (think Surface, Invasion) they have started off very crypticly. Keeping Kyle’s origin well hidden. Of course the XY could imply he is a clone. But given that a background news report (which is for our benefit as none of the family reacts to it) states that a girl has shown up in similar circumstances (naked, without memory and without bellybutton). If we assume her name would be something XX then we can assume the XY in Kyle XY just means he’s male.
Is he a genetically formed, alien bred? Are THEY together the new Adam and Eve? One thing is sure, the boy knows how to stipple.

I think the actor who plays Kyle (Matt Dallas) watched a whole lotta Data from Star Trek TNG, but he’s not an android they’ve already scanned his head.


Spin-off Blog Coming

Well as the dreams are returning it makes sense for the Council to get their own blog… stay tuned.



Any attempt to try and explain what I dreamt last night will not be adequate, but I must try. Click the arrow to read the rest of the post… it is quite long. I apologise now for any spelling errors, it has been written pretty much as soon as I woke.
[spoiler]I was living in a room that was made of wood, beautifully polished, this room was connected to another by a set of stairs, up these stairs was a circular room, more like a hall, the ceiling for this hall was very high and the walls were surrounded by other levels, the entire place was wood, as if the whole structure was cut from a ancient tree.

Sometimes the different levels were connected by mildly sloping ramps, others stairs, yet more again seemed not to be connected at all, or were walled off, but still accessible by small jumps.

Some levels were carved into different rooms, some locked, for some the doors stood open.

At first I thought I was alone in this place, but little by little it became apparent that others were present. A whole family lived at the top of the ramp, just above the stairs to the original room that houses my bed, to enter and leave they pass through my room.

After walking around for some time I heard noises, like people moving behind the locked doors and encountered yet more people walking around, some happy to say “hi” and be other their way, others eyeing me suspisciously and watching me pass.

My mother, sister, younger brother and nephew came to stay. My brother would come and go, I was too scared to leave. At one point I noticed an intercom as it sparked into life and crackled with static. “Is everything alright?” Somone asked.

“Hello I answered.” Looking from my sister to my mother, questioning with my eyes if the intercom was there before.

“Is everything alright?” They asked again, “The mechanical noises have stopped, we grow concerned.”

Realising they hadn’t heard my response I depressed the button and replied, “Who is this? And what do you mean?”

“Um hello, sorry to bother you, this is centre security, just checking that everything is alright. Didn’t mean to bother you Sir.”

I left via the door in my room and entered the world, turning back towards the building I realised it was a large tree, well the trunk of what was obviously and ancient and long dead tree.

I was in a garden with long grass, my sister, mother and nephew followed. We came to a muddied path where figures stood only several inches tall. I looked upon them with amazement Frodo, Gandalf, and more of the cast of The Lord of the Rings battled a miniture dragon.

Reaching down I picked up Gandalf, he became still in my hands and broke apart, apparently constructed from plaster.

I ventured further up the path, my family dropped behind. I arrived at a farmstead where men sat around talking, drinking. I met serveral of the men, engaging in idle chat, before leaving to go home.

As I approached the tree I realised I didn’t know how to enter it again. I further realised that this was NOT the first time I had been outside and that each time I leave, I struggle to return.

I walked around the tree for some time before the door became apparent, the strange thing is, there was a door… a very obvious door, so why could I not always see it?

Back inside I felt the need to see more of this place, as if it was new to me. It was not. With every section revisited, more memories flooded back. More people appeared and more became interactive with me. The locked doors remained so, but the voices beyond, menacing, alarmed became louder.

A group of children ran past me, not more than five minutes later they appeared again, this time in some sort of sled, riding the gentle slopes leading from level to level, yelling joyously, inviting me to play.

To say the place was expansive is not to do it credit, the place was unending, constantly twisting. All of the furnishings, walls, doors, were carved from the wood.

I was at home and yet at times afraid. If I could draw I would reconstruct this place and give a better vision of what I have seen, but then perhaps, no one else is supposed to see it.

The headaches have returned… the dreams become more real… [/spoiler]