Music Rants

Get with the Program Sony

Hey Sony… nice move allowing people to share music on their blogs and “profile pages” (read as myspace).

But dudes you need to improve the quality… BIG TIME. I checked out Dixie Chicks song “Not Ready to Make Nice” and the sound quality is nasty. Given what you can do with Flash 8 and some of the codecs, this implimentation is poor form.
Some other cool tracks of note P!nk’s “Who Knew“, Teddy Geiger’s “For You I Will (Confidence)“.

Good plan, so far poorly implimented. You can’t even do the embed yet. Why launch it before you’re ready?


New Digg v3 Launched

Lots more categories, though I have not yet moved from the Technology section.

Some people have complained about the ads, I say whatever, they aren’t intrusive so let the digg boys (and girls) make money.

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