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Two Afternoon Movies

Yesterday, much like today, I was incredibly tired… not sure why, but I decided to spend the afternoon in front of the TV watching a couple of movies.

Chosen movies were “Date Movie” and “Tristian and Isolde

Date Movie was pretty much crap… not a good one especially given the same people involved with Scary Movie created it. They tried to fit way too much into the movie… too many parodies so it basically became a bunch of skits (not very good ones) loosely joined together.

Of course Date Movie does include Australia’s own Sophie Monk in the role of “Andy” the best [wo]man. Her part is much bigger than I expected it to be. As far as any chance of her becoming a big time actress, I think she looks (and sounds) a little too much like Melissa George (Home & Away, Amitiville Horror).

Tristian and Isolde was a surprise. I thought it would be crap, but it was actually quite entertaining, endearing… I felt somewhat moved. Just enough action to balance out the love fest that it was.

Daily Life

Put Down the Paint

Super Mario HouseNo David you can’t do this to our house. I know you like Mario, but this is just wrong (and a little crazy).
Check out the photos of what a woman did to her outter room at her college dorm. Apparently a very popular place for parties.