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We All Have the Choice…

Nelly Furtado - LooseTo take the lead or follow and so begins the new album from Nelly Furtado. Right from this first song “Afraid” you can tell Nelly is on form. Awesome album, awesome sentiment on all of the songs.

Nelly is a thinking singer, meaning she generally has a point to make in her songs. They’re not just there to be pieces of pop-fluff. Not that there’s anything wrong with marshmallow pop, I’m a huge fan. But I’m one of those people who listen to the lyrics of a song and mostly I like them to mean something to me.

As I write this I note that “Maneater” (not a remake of that Hall and Oats song) has gone number 1 in the UK. And so it should.

I’m going to admit to downloading this album from the Internet… I don’t want to break the law, but I want my music, I need my music. If and when this finally makes it to the Australian version of iTMS I’ll get it for real and legit.

The song “No Hay Igual” is available on iTMS Australia, the album is a no-show, not even for pre-order purchasing. It is available on iTMS UK (as the International Deluxe version) for purchase now. Available for Pre-Order on iTMS USA. The singles Promiscuous Girl [US Only], No Hay Ingual (Club Mix) [US Only], No Hay Ingual [Australia] and Maneater [UK Only] have been released. Why they chose to start with a mostly foriegn language song, which is good, but not the strongest track is beyond me.
The music companies need to understand that if a fan can get access to the music before they want us to, we will. That is what being a fan is all about.

World-wide release would stop a lot of piracy. Is staged release still about marketing money? Cause with digital downloads pressing and shipping is no longer an excuse. Get with the program and the money will be yours.

I only found out last night that Lisa Stansfield (of whom I am a huge fan) had an album “The Moment” released in 2004 in the UK. Not available here now and never to my knowledge distributed here even in physical form. I downloaded it last night using a torrent file from The Pirate Bay. I had no other choice, other than to think, “oh well the record company doesn’t want me to have it so I had better do without”… bugger that for a joke. Next time I’m in the UK (which I’ve never been to before) maybe I’ll pick up a copy and go legit. Or maybe, the record company can pull its head out of its butt and make it available to me! Because how is it any different for me to travel there, buy it and bring it back? Either way the Australian (would be) distributors would not be getting any money for me listening to the album on homesoil.


Holy Crap Batman

Want chills to run up your spine… check it out, from Towleroad.

Warning, the woman from the “Church” is a nut job, listening to her may do your head in. And if your a person who is about to move to this lovely country, remember, they’re not ALL like this.

I’ve known for a while that these people were protesting at downed soldiers funerals, but never really looked into why. Now I know… and I am saddened that we can’t all just live and let live. Does this woman have nothing more to do in her life than spread hate and intollerance?

Sorry if this disturbs you in any way.