X-Men for FREE

A couple of weeks ago, Craig and Mark asked if we wanted to go to see the new X-Men movie in Gold Class (kind of ritzy version of the theatre with big comfy chairs, hot food, waiter services). Being a bit of an X-Men nut I of course screamed (I mean said) “yes”, of course.

We chose to go to The Jam Factory, Village Cinema as it had only recently re opened after major refurbishment.

I counted down the days to the event, couldn’t wait to see the final installment of the trillogy. We arrived at the cinema at 2.30pm and that’s kind of when it all started to go awry…

We went to the bar to perhaps have a drink before going in, while standing there (waiting, waiting, waiting for service) it became apparent that some of the people at the bar were from a previous session of a movie… at least one was complaining that their food and drink had not arrived during the movie and at least two appeared worried that the staff had seemed to have lost their credit cards!

You know when you get those odd feelings that something is going to go from bad to worse… it happened about then.

Suddenly an attendant offered to take us to our seats, from where we could make our order, she took our tickets and started to show us to the cinema, when she figured out she was taking us to the wrong one (which we all kinda knew, having alreadys sussed out the place), she turned around and took us back to the bar… and just when we thought she was about to take our order, she dropped our tickets on a table and walked off to assist in the search for a missing credit card. So of course our only option appeared to be to join the queue (again, but this time longer than before) to try an put our order in.

After waiting a short time we finally got to the head of the queue and placed our order, only to have the original girl interrupt and ask if we were ready to order… I came to believe that perhaps this girl was existed outside of our reality and was not aware of what was going on around her… we were afterall halfway through placing an order, and therefore not really in need of her services.

Anyway, in an effort to make this long story somewhat shorter, after pushing the call button numerous times our soft drink came in tasting more like sodawater than coke, when replacements were requested, they came back tasting the same… obviously being told the syrup had run out meant nothing to them.

Craig and Mark’s food was also late coming in, it was almost like they had lost the orders.

Even the coffee’s that were requested to come in half an hour before the end of the movie arrived with the closing credits, there was not enough time to drink them.

The guys had sent most of their items back and cancelled their order about halfway through the movie and with the closing credits when to sort out getting their money back for the mishaps. After some complaint they received their refund and complimentary passes for us to return to Gold Class.

We checked the comp passes and thankfully, we don’t need to go back to The Jam Factory, because I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. So looks like we will get to see Superman Returns in Gold Class, sure beats ripping off Coke labels to get the $5 tickets.

Oh wait, see how much these events overtook the experience, I didn’t even get to mention the movie! Let me just say that if I told you what I didn’t like about it, I’d ruin the surprises that happen. It’s an alright movie, but not at all what I expected.


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