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Burbank HelicopterYesterday I went off to Mt Buffalo Resort, a resort the company I work for owns. How cool to get to go somewhere via helicopter… the views were amazing, the flight was flawlessly smooth, except…

As we approached the Alpine region of Victoria clouds, fog and mist became a problem and we were about 10 minutes away from the landing field when the Pilot was thinking of turning back… having flown for nearly an hour and a half it is not something any of us wanted to do. So we pressed on.

Coming into Porepunkah Airfield Jarrod, the Pilot, radioed in our intention to land. After hearing the amount of communication from the control tower at Morrabin airport I expected something in return. I was looking out the window searching for the landing strip and helipad, and couldn’t see anything. Then Jarrod starts to turn, the helicopter went on its side a bit and he asked if everyone was alright, when no one answered he tilted a little bit more… who needs a fun park when you’re in a helicopter?

Because of the early mist, fog and cloud there was concern that snow was coming and the potential for us to get back out was looking bad. We decided to head back a few hours earlier than we were originally going to… it was a bit of a rushed day.

Scene from the HelicopterMy job there was to see the place (for which I’ve been working on the website of but never seen in person) and to take some photos. Because of the mist, exterior photos were a no go… and the interior decore was quite a lot older than I had originally anticipated. Some photos taken, lunch had and off we were again into the wild blue yonder (after saying goodbye to the cows at the airfield).

I’ll be going back soon, but next time I’ll be schlepping in the car for four and a half hours so I can take more equipment with me to get better shots and I’ll be spending a few days to ensure I get a good range of photos.

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