The End of an Era

Last night we had one of those functions that happens when someone leaves. Everyone lobs out to the local for food and drink, stories of the old days. Considering I’ve only worked there for about a year and a half, my old days are not that old but being the company that it is, you still tend to gel well with people very quickly, the girls that are now gone will be missed.

Dianna for instance, is a lovely girl… I remember my first day, sitting in the office (away from the Marketing Department of which I am a part), and hearing this crazy chick from who every third, sometimes second, word was F*#%’n. Turns out that instead of the usual “um” or “like”, Dianna used “f*#%’n”. At first I thought she was abusing someone on the phone… turns out that’s just her way.

Oh and to avoid those awkward moments of speeches and such, Dianna made a quick getaway at lunch time… no sooner had she left than five others from her department decended on her desk to go through the stationery left behind. I swear it was like being on the savannah when a lion leaves the carcass to the hyenas, as they prod and pull, looking for a spare pen here, a writing pad there… scary!

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