Oils Ain’t Oils and Times Running Out

… Quick we need to make money while we can!

As well we know (or at least most of us know… some religious groups think it a lie) oil is a finite resource, it took Mother Earth millions of years to make the amount that exists today, it is non-renewable.

Because of this, many companies are looking into other forms of energy and other ways to run our fuel requiring vehicles.

Some oil companies have embraced this (if only in name alone). BP once stood for British petroleum, it now stands for Beyond Petroleum.

The increasing price of petroleum based product is NOT because it needs to increase to cover growing costs due to various problems on various oil fields (the hurricane in the gulf of Mexico and the war over in the middle east).

The price is increasing because we are at the end of an era. Oil will soon no longer be required (or available) and very soon that black gold will just be sludge… and sludge is rarely a thing of value.

If the price of petroleum really needs to increase why are other industries that also use oil not affected so drastically? I haven’t seen the local $2 Shops filled with plastic crap shutting up shop… and isn’t plastic made from petroleum?

The really annoying thing though is the lack of stability in pricing. It’s not like the $2 shop is $2 one day and $2.20 the next and $2.45 the day after.

Given the amount of Pepsi Max I drink, I’m trying to cut down Mum, you’d think I’d be paying $5 per bottle given all the plastic they go through.

Alright maybe I stand a little corrected… if Wiki is to be believed… Price and Future of Plastic. Says a few toy manufacturers went out of business in 2004 due to the cost of plastics.

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