Even more pics on Flickr

Maygen on FlickrJeepers I’m up to 381 photos already… and probably have a lot more to go. This photo is of Maygen, my niece. It was taken on August 20, 2005.

We went to watch Jacob play soccer (that’s football for you guys over Europe way, and yes I know you know that).

Maygen had just eaten a whole bunch of sticky, stringy, sherbety lollies (you’ll see what I mean if you check out the pic in full).

On another note, we played basketball again tonight, just got home, we lost. No tears, we did our best. Having no subs takes a lot out of an older team like us, but it sure is fun.

Time to shower up and head to bed… sweet dreams y’all.


  1. Oi I wish I could have kids at some point, but I don\’t see it happening.

    Because of this my nephews and niece are my favourite little people. And you have to condsider Jacob is seven now so it\’s at least seven years of photos :P

    And you must agree, all my bias aside… all three of them are v.cute.

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