Dinner at Limor’s

Chicken ParmigianaAfter a crazed night at the movies, the guys knew just the place to go, what a better thing to do than eat til you burst.

At Limor’s you do just that. The plates are actually platters and they come chocked full of food… far too much for one person to eat.

Accompanied by $7.50 cocktails it was a great dinner. Craig and Mark know all the good places… we should get them to write lists before they head off to the US to live.


  1. On the menu some of the cocktails went up to 25.00 but were available during this period for just the $7.50, pretty awesome.

    Cigarettes? To be honest I\’m not certain, never having been a smoker, but I believe they are currrently between $10-18 per packet. We have a lot of government taxes on cigarettes. Our fantastic government sees they do a lot of damage, but makes far too much money off them to get rid of them from the market place.

    I hope you enjoy x-men… it\’s was a good movie, just didn\’t go the way I thought it would.

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