No longer the only gay in the village.

It true, they sent in the intruders in to the Australian Big Brother 06 house. And one of them is a gay guy. While people will groan that his inclusion was to give someone for the dispondant David to gel with, I think Rod said it best that just because you put two heterosexual people in a room together doesn’t mean they’ll get along.

Having said that, did anyone get a glimps of David’s face when Rob’s gayness became apparent, he didn’t look too happy. Further to that we saw a cross later on in the night when the second intruder went in and only then did we see David introduce himself to Rob.

To be fair he was still reeling from the revealation that Michael was an insider and that Ruben (Michael’s son) was a complete and utter lie.

What I don’t get is the greif that everyone is giving Michael for what he has done as the insider. He had little choice… do it or leave. I’d have done it without question. But Michael was smart (well he thought so and it made sense) in this last week he had to get 8 people to nominate him and instead of making people annoyed with him he came up with a reason as to why he had to leave the house. Sure he went into way too much detail, but at least he didn’t run around pissing people off.

And even Big Brother didn’t expect the backlash that Michael is copping… house people (who will never read this) lay off him. He may now get to be the person he might have been before becoming the insider.

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