A night with Comics

This past Friday we were invited to a night at The Comics’ Lounge in North Melbourne. Never having been to a live comedy show, I thought it would be good for a laugh… And laugh we did.

The invite came to all members of the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, which is a peer counseling service for which I volunteer. Fox FM’s Adam Richard was the emcee for the night, and if I can say so, probably the funniest guy there.

A close second was Dave Williams, who seems to watch A LOT of animal documentaries.

A personal fave for me was Adam Richard saying… and I paraphrase: “We ALL knew that breast cancer was not going to be the end of Kylie… she’s strong, she didn’t let a lack of talent get in the way, so cancer was nothing for her.” Of course he did qualify that he still loved Kylie and that as a gay man he had to, it’s law.

Alright so I can’t write jokes down any better than I can tell them in person and for that I apologise, Adam is a great talent, you should all go along for a look see, next time he’s on.

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