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We’re on Google Maps

Our home from Google So here is the first picture of our estate on Google Maps… as you can see our home is the one in the red circle.

The blue circle is the gym and the swimming pool. You can see pics of these on Flickr; here’s home.

Now the family can find their way to our place, even from Sydney!

Family & Friends Technology

Jody and Jake from Photobooth

Jody and Jake after playing with Apple's PhotoboothI was ROFL when I saw this… David was talking to his sister (Jody) on the phone and iit appears she is enjoying her new iMac.

Her little computer is now better and faster than my G5 tower :(

Look at these two go with the bluge setting in photobooth! Who ever says computers can’t be fun, need only look at this photo.

And now apple has that fancy new store in New York with all that space and all those listening posts so you can check out all of the different iPods.