Wii – Is it a Revolution?

Nintendo WiiI can imagine what everyone’s going to think when I have to tell them I’ve been playing with my Wii (pronounced “wee”) all weekend. And yep that’s what I’m going to have to say when the thing is finally released here in Australia.

We of course will have one as soon as it comes out… we’re even thinking about selling the Jeep to ensure we can afford one.

But seriously though, it looks like it is going to be v.cool.


  1. Exactly what I feared. Great code name extremely stupid product name.
    If they were smart they would ask potential buyers before abandoning a cool code name for such an impressively lame product name (why can’t they all just use the code name??)

  2. Agreed… and their claim that it is a name which spans cultural barriers is lame as.

    At times like this I am reminded of a Dilbert comic which shows a Marketing person saying… “I have done extensive customer research” and then in a thought bubble it says “I asked my cat!”

    Although I now exist in the marketing realm, I still don’t always agree with the decisions marketers make.

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