Genosis :: The City for the Future

For sixty years building has been taking place in the desert in outback Australia no one goes near the place because urban legends keep them away.

Another sixty years and different contractors have done different work for huge amounts of hush money and all-in-all given the length of the project their talk wouldn’t matter anyway.

Population by invitation only, the Society is in control, they have a plan.

Who knew you could hermetically seal an entire city… and who knew a plague was coming that would dessimate the entire population of the earth…

Another sixty years will pass before the new garden of eden is opened to a whole new world.

Some said the Earth needed a cleansing, just like the great flood… but this time God was taking too long…

Basic plot outline… maybe it gives away too much… but I’m not sure I could write a whole book anyway. I dream of crazy things while I’m asleep.

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