Big Brother 06 Predictions

Right or wrong, here are my takes on the Big Brother rumours…

This year will have a world first
Potential for one house, two shows. Both Australian and UK Big Brother in one house. Oh well this one looks to be out of the water, before it has begun… Big Brother UK appears to be slated for start in May, not April

Some of the housemates will share the same secret
There will be more than one couple in the house, but they will go in seperately and will have to try and keep others from finding out. They will also think they are the only couple in the house.

Your vote will count in more ways
I reckon this year, for the first time, you will be able to vote people in… as in you can vote one number to kick people out, but you can also vote to keep others in. Confirmed by Gretel on Rove.

Housemates will be able to have their revenge
This one will probably be as simple as allowing the evicted housemates to continue to nominate, after eviction. Or they will take the survivor tactic and allow the evicted housemates to form some sort of council.

Something about the thing they can’t see…
Either the cameras will be completely invisible to them, or there will be something missing, something big like the pool and it will never come into play.

Big brother will have more power than before!
I dunno about this one… yet… I’ll have to ponder this one a while longer.

Other stuff
Solitary confinement.

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  1. Oh, come on! I can’t believe you watch Big Brother.
    The Italian edition so boring and stupid. And as soon as they leave the house they settle down in every tv program. I’m fed up. Thanks God I can afford satellite tv

  2. Hehehe… it is sensless TV and is on the perfect time of day over here to chill out and watch the silly people being pushed around by Big Brother.

    The last series was the worst we have ever seen. I’m hoping for some improvement this time around.

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