Big Brother – Non-event?

Yes, much to the chargrin of many of my friends I’ve started watching Big Brother 06. And I’m thinking it’s gonna fail this year.

It seems their thinking was along the lines of, last year we nearly had it, but the people were too skanky and uneducated. This year we’ve got a good share of educated people, but they’re all still kind of skanks.

I think only three of them didn’t say they have cheated on their partners in the past, and at least two of them said they are chronic cheaters with no remorse. Given the demographic of this program, are we sending the right message to our youth with this sort of programming.

Sure it makes for better TV; but a mother, daughter combo who went for a boob-job – TOGETHER – seven weeks before entering the house! And it was the mum’s idea. Scary.

I’ll still be interested to see what happens… I like to watch.

Daily Life

9 Years and Counting

Today is my and David’s 9 year anniversary… who said same-sex couples can’t make it work.

We’re off to the Dandenong Ranges today.

Apparently there is a Kokoda Walk, 1000 steps… the good thing is it’s up hill to start so once we make it up, it’s gonna be easy coming back down.

Craig and Mark are coming with us so we should have plenty of photos when we return… as I’ve used all of my Flickr bandwidth this month I’ll have to wait a little while to post them.

I’m going Flickr Pro at the end of the month… YAY.

Today is also ANZAC Day here in Australia, a day to remember the ANZAC Diggers who fought for us all.

Today is also also Festa della Liberazione, (Italy), annual commemoration to mark the liberation of Italy at the end of the Second World War. I only found out about this by reading Roberta’s Blog.