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Pizza for Lunch

Lean Cuisine - PizzaI love pizza… too much perhaps… but I love it anyway.

Today for lunch I bought a new type of pizza I have been very hesitant about… but it turns out I needn’t have worried.

The Tandoori Chicken Gormet Pizza from Lean Cuisine (a Nestle brand) tasted awesome. Not too filling on the way down (it’s quite small) but give it a minute and I didn’t feel I needed anything else to be full.

Now, I’m sure this sounds like an advertorial, but it’s not… just found something I liked and thought I would share it with y’all.


3121 Not Just the Postcode for Richmond Vic

Prince 3121Prince is back with 3121. And I’m happy!

While I’m sure Prince didn’t consider my feelings while making the album, I have to say I was left pondering the idea behind N.E.W.S. An all music extravaganza, non of Prince’s crazily amazing voice.

Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic wasn’t really IT for me, don’t ask me why, it just didn’t get to me the way some of his other music did. Maybe I just didn’t give it enough time. (Not currently available on iTMS)

Musicology has some banging songs on it, I loved “Cinnamon Girl”. Actually looking at the playlist I like most of the songs. (only partial album available on iTMS)

And now 3121… some very cool sounds, some you wouldn’t want to listen to with a headache, like “Black Sweat” and its high pitched sounds.

And then there’s “Incense And Candles” which uses some of the same technology that was used for Cher’s “Believe”.

Now the confession… I haven’t bought 3121 YET. It’s still not on iTMS… Not sure what’s going on with that. But it has been so long since I’ve bought a physical CD I’m not sure I want to go back to that. If it’s not on music store with the next update I’ll go and buy it. I have to admit I still like getting the booklet and reading it through, I was glad when iTMS started carrying them as PDF downloads for some albums.