Photography Technology

Near and Far

Near and FarA photo for today… taken a while ago, but I have to draw on the old stuff cause my camera needs to go into the shop :(

Yep my poor Canon 10D is reading “ERR 99” when ever I try and take a photo. I’ve tried cleaning the terminals, checking the shutter curtin, cleaning the card slot… but thinking works.

And worst of all is that the ERR 99 appears to be a blanket error for anything non-specific.

Oh well after taking over 10,000 images the poor thing could probably do with a service. It has put up with a lot in the last few years of its existance.

Daily Life

All better…

Feeling much much better today.

Had some SMSs from a friend who is returning to Sydney. He moved to Tasmania (I want to say just over a year ago, but am sure it is longer – you will soon figure out I have no concept of space and time).

First contact in a long time says “On the Spirit of Tasmania with a truck load of furniture”. Why isn’t he on his way to Melbourne!!!

Tasmania always seemed like a strage place to live for a younger gay couple. And I will always be a little sad that I never got down there to see their place. I know Andrew has been over it for some time. Where they lived was outside of any major town (cause I don’t think you can call any place in Tassie a “City”.

At least with them in Sydney we can catch up when David and I make the trek to see the family. So that’s a “Woo Hoo” for sure.