Still not 100%

Today I lazed around the house, still a little fluey but definitely feeling better than yesterday.

Caught up on some movie viewing:

The Cave – A story about some cave divers who go into a cave and find beasties that want to eat them… they have to try and survive. Not the most gripping movie. About half way through I realised that, just like computer games, a heck of a lot of Hollywood movies are really just a remake of an old story with a new skin on it. This movie for instance is really just another take on the “Poseidon Adventure”… which itself has just been redone as just “Poseidon”. Even “Aliens” (a movie I love very much) is really just the same, but set in space.

Get a bunch of people, not all of which get along or have some rivalry, stick them in a bad situation and have them find their way out… killing them off along the way of course, until only a couple survive.

The other flick we watched tonight was “Dark Water“. If you read my previous post, you’d know that I like scary movies because they scare me, but you’d also know there is at least one that scares me greatly. And given that Dark Water is made by the same people who made “The Ring” and/or “The Grudge”, I gave this one a wide birth for far too long… I needn’t have bothered. It wasn’t scary in the least. Because of the reputation of the creators you keep expecting something, anything to happen that gets inside your head and twists itself around. “Dark Water” didn’t do that.

It had some good scenes, but all in all, not what I expected.

On another note, a bit of trivia. The daughter in “Dark Water” is played by Ariel Gade and in “The Cave“, Eddie Cibrian plays one of the main characters. Both of these actors appeared in TV’s “Invasion“. Links in this last paragraph all to Internet Movie Database information.


Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 4An amazingly funny movie (at times) Scary Movie 4 does an amazing job of recreating the sets and effects from the films it takes the piss out of.

I love horror movies, they scare the shit out of me, and that’s why I love them. The kid from the Grudge makes an appearance in Scary Movie 4 and I tell ya what… I was still a little rattled to see him on the screen. That is until he is treated with such irreverence. I don’t want to talk about it too much cause for once all the funny bits weren’t shown in the trailer.

But the bit with Tom Ryan (not Tom Cruise) on Oprah could probably have been left in the trailer, but on the feature’s cutting room floor. It was a little drawn out and added nothing to the movie… but then maybe that was the point!

Oh, Oh, Oh and I dare you to try and concentrate on the translation during the scene in which Cindy is taking to the Grudge kid in Japanese.

Check out Scary Movie 4 on The Internet Movie Database. And if you, like me, are scratching your head throughout the movie about the girl who plays Rachel Ryan, she’s from the 4400 (the little girl who sees everything) It was driving me crazy for about half the movie.