Daily Life

Long Weekend… and I’m Sick :(

It’s the Easter weekend and I’ve been sick as for the past two days. Of course because yesterday was the day BEFORE four days off I had to go to work. The company I work for is too suspiscious of sick staff on a typical day. Had I taken the day before the long weekend I’m sure there would have been hell to pay!

So here I am, at 10.30pm, a little tired and about to head to bed.

Just finished watching “Skating with the Stars”… a series from the US. We here have a program called “Dancing with the Stars” and I kid you not, the format is almost identical. The only difference here being that we Aussies no longer have shows that don’t include a 1900 (premium call) for voting purposes.

You may be wondering WHY I would bother watching “Skating with the Stars”, and if you look at My Music listing you’d probably notice I have every album Deborah Gibson AKA Debbie Gibson has released… and Deborah is one of the stars!

Off to bed… hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling super well. We’re off to see Scary Movie 4!


Now on Flickr

Cow in Field

So anyway I signed up for Flickr… I know how strange it is that I’ve been around on the internet for so long and avoided Flickr.

Part of the reason was the name, I hate it when names make no sense or are formed from a misspelt word.

But I finally caved and now, after only two days, I’m thinking about going pro.

I ditched my .mac which was costing $130 Australian per year and really getting me not much at all. I have a gmail account for the email (as well as others). The iWeb stuff isn’t what I was hoping it would be, nor what it should be… so there was no point staying with it.

So if I get Flickr pro I’ll still be in front on cash.