1000 Steps – Maybe next time

1000 Steps Kokoda TrailOn April 25th, with good intentions, we ventured to the Kokoda Trail in the Ferntree Gully. This track was named as a local memorial for the real Kokoda Track in Papa New Guinea.

David, Craig, Mark and I drove nearly two hours to get there, stopping on the way for lunch.

Being ANZAC Day it was very busy and way too many runners for such narrow trails! Don’t those guys and girls have anything better to do on a public holiday.

Anyway as I said we went there with good intentions but the walk to the base of the 1000 steps was enough for us all. Hey at least we saw the steps. Took some pics and walked back down…

And because it should be documented lunch didn’t turn out so well for all of us… not sure what the deal was but I’d suggest the chicken in my Chicken Ceaser Salad wasn’t quite right and the trip home was interesting to say the least.

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