New Civilization

My work, my life, my love. I enjoy no more.

Like every work of fiction it has had a beginning, a middle and now must end.

I’ve lived, loved and lost a thousand times or more, maybe 1001 is my lucky number.

Only time will tell.

Stretched beyond belief, more tired than the old mule that pulled my plough sheer a hundred years ago.

I crave retirement from this life.

I’ve experienced these times enough, the decadence, the despair, the desparate nature of human beings.

Bring on the next millennium.

I foresee the death of religion (about 2000 years too late). Disolution of the family unit. Humans will become more.

Our time as a society has come full term. We are guided – no driven to our destruction by men who only care about now.

What sense of hope remains for the youth of this world?

My recommendation is a total cleansing of this populous and the birth of a new civilisation… another go can’t hurt, after all, we have forever.

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