I sometimes imagine I have the ability to bestow good fortune upon those around me. Doling it out based on what I percieve they require.

But I also believe there must be balance in the universe.

To achieve this bestowing good fortune would require removing it from another.

At times I offer my own, but I only have so much to give.

Looking around, I try and “see” who could spare a little and seeking those that may actually benefit from a little less fortune.

I understand how concieted it may sound, that I think that I, or another of my kind, would have the right or ever the inclanation to do such a thing. Sometimes it’s hard to “see” who has it to give and who merely presents a good façade.

Your people exist in a throw-away society. At the right time everything is expendable. I read today of a mother in the USA who chained her three year old to a bed because he “stole” food from her. She can do with a little misery. Likewise the two girls who have just stuffed themselves between a man and a pole, who are now trying to make his travel as uncomfortable as they can (obviously in the hope he will rise and surrender his place to them), these girls can do with some misery.

Prince once said

It’s flyer 2 be hungry than fat
The ride up front is better when U’ve been in the back

And in saying this highlights that if you always have it good, you’ll never see it any other way. You live believing you are at a low point and the only way is up.

If this is you, you can afford to share some of your good fortune.

Think only good thoughts. Me and my kind look as you do. You will never see us pass, but you’ll know we were there.

Think good thoughts and live life as you always should; Treat the man next to you as you would be treated.

Your time is brief, ours is plenty. We are always watching.

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