Rise Above Your Station

Were I to describe you as “mere scum populating this wretched planet”, I would be rising you above your station in life.

What I expect from you I expect from all creations of man.

Rise, elevate yourself beyound your current self. Extent your being, grow beyond your expectations.

I don’t control you any more than I do the wind or the tides.

You are in control.

Crawl no more. Rise and run. Do not whisper your words, shout them as loud as your vocal cords will allow.

I left you a long time ago, and this isn’t the first time I’ve checked in to see how you’re doing.


Life, Ever After

In an instant it is over, the drop of sweat has left my face and evapourated in the searing heat of the floor.

Within this one bead of fluid a community of millions has lived and died in the time it takes for me to draw a breath.

What was their life like? Did they fulfil their hopes and dreams?

I slow this instant in my mind, within this frozen moment of real time a civilization was born, lived and become extinct.

Cities were built, statues and monuments erected to morn those slain in battles that raged for entire lifetimes.

The ones who perished did not know of those who came first. Their distant origin buried with the bones of ancestors who did not have a means of recording their thoughts, daily lives and achievements.

I see them as they evolved; nomadic loners, brought together for nothing other than the necessity of seeing their species survive.

How fruitless their attempts!

The time it has taken to record this, the genocide is complete. Not even a stain remains to remember the droplet of sweat that held these lives, memories and civilizations who are so rarely thought about, even less remembered.

I will remember you all!