My Life

I didn’t give you my life?
I gave you my heart.
If it’s right everything else comes naturally.

Politics Rants


Give me a government who gives a shit beyond their term and I will present you with a government that should rule the country for eternity.

Give me a man that will love me without judgement and prejudice and I will give unto him my life for all it is worth plus 10%.

Give me a people who will protect the planet that has held them nestled in its womb for so long! I will give you a people who are enlightened beyond gods.


No Idea

And so I go on, each step I take my senses are bombarded with stimuli. I see all and know all. If it’s in my field of vision, I see it. If it’s audible, I hear it. If it reeks, I smell it. I can even reach out and touch it.

I have no idea what the future holds but with each step I advance upon it. I control my future, it has no hold over me.

My mind is my own!


Freak of Nature

You and your kind are a freak of nature, an experiment soon to be discontinued.

Why must you persist in trying?

Trying to live, trying to die, trying to be right and above all; trying to try.

If I am truly the light and the life, sit back and enjoy while you ride this ride.


Eyes Closed

And so I close my eyes to the world around me
Finding peace in my solitude
Who cares who’s killing who? That millions may be affected by drought. Battling to save their lands.
Going to war! Not on my time. You go on and do that in your world outside.
This is my life, I only get the one. I’ll live it my way thanks.
Let me be!


Thick With Decay

I smell the decay.
I hear his final breath as life ebbs away.
Feel the weight of the air thick with death.
Taste the sweat from my lip, moist with exertion.
Seeing nothing, eyes closed fearing what I have done.


Your God Is Dead!

If there was a god. He has been killed by man.
And why not? We have a unique ability as humans to destroy anything and everything.
To say religon is real, that all your gods exist, by its very nature the argument proves itself false.

If the word of your god, tells you he is the one and only and that you must live as his commandments command, but your neighbour believes his god is the one true god, because the word of his god says so… Can you both be right?

Let go of your gods. Embrace life. Live for you. Live for now. Live for life.

You only get one chance. Don’t spend it fighting a battle you can not win!